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What is Football Plus?

Football Plus is a professional soccer training academy committed to train young and passionate players to pursue football as a career. Founded in Chennai by Head Coach David Anand in 2014, the vision is to create top-class players who can compete internationally and establish a thriving career in football.

Currently, Football+ is operating in four centers across the city of Chennai– Egmore, Royapettah, Padur and Siruseri. The academy has 130 passionate kids that include 25 girls who are highly competent and play for the CFA First Division League every year.


The vision of Football+ is to aid the players with the passion for the game.


To provide a world class training environment using certified international and national coaches


The academy follows a unique coaching mechanism – training the body, mind and spirit of the player


Football+ organizes a number of events to provide the student numerous opportunities to put their skills to the test

Quality of our Training

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